Bison athlete profile

  • Sport: Hockey
  • Position: Defence
  • Hometown: Debolt, AB, Canada

Bisons defence Kacey Funk begins the 2010-11 season having played 56 total regular season conference games for Manitoba, including all 24 regular season games and five playoff games last season. Funk has accumulated three goals and 10 assists in her 56-game regular season playing career with the Bisons. Funk was recently named one of three alternate captains for this year’s Bison women’s hockey team.

The Manitoban: What is your most cherished Bison Sport memory?

Kacey Funk: Winning the Canada West championship title in 08-09.

M: What sports did you play growing up?

KF: Hockey and a lot of rodeo, actually. I played football, basketball, volleyball and badminton as well.

M: Who was your childhood sports idol?

KF: Bobby Orr, no question. Actually, also Wendel Clark, it’s a toss up.

M: What sports do you watch/follow now?

KF: Hockey and rodeo.

M: Academically, your current focus of study is . . .

KF: Kinesiology.

M: My post-university plans are . . .

KF: I’d really like to do some traveling. There are a lot of crazy things I’d like to do but school and hockey and stuff always tie you down. So, you know, go out and live some dreams.

M: Favourite book and/or movie?

KF: Tombstone is one of my favourite movies and Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, I really like that book.

M: If you were a type of animal, which animal would you be and why?

KF: A jungle cat; a leopard, specifically, because they are agile and fierce! That’s kind of a team joke.

M: If I could play mini-golf with anyone in the world it would be . . .

KF: I would say Don Cherry, because it would be highly entertaining. He’d probably just be beaking the entire time; it would be fun.