The killing of Bruce Waxxen

Bruce Waxxen was never considered a nice guy. In fact, most people considered him an ass.
Bruce, however, didn’t give a damn.

Bruce was the kind of guy who’d punch you in the face while wearing a wedding ring he stole — or was maybe given — from some young bride so messed up on coke she had no idea what she was doing.

He was the kind of guy who would drown a cat for the fun of it, killing something, just to feel alive. Sometimes luring rats out of dark bar corners just to take them captive and set them on fire.

A cruel and savage nomad, flying so low under the social radar that it would be impossible to monitor him through bank statements, health records or any other conventional method.
But maybe, just maybe, this is the reason why he was killed.

Bruce’s asshole track record is one of the main reasons that no one was surprised when they heard that Bruce was dead and no one even flinched when they found out he was murdered, not even the twins. In fact, a few people seemed happy to be rid of the guy.

But this lack of mourning is not the most unsettling part of Bruce’s death. There was word going around that when they found Bruce’s body, it had been set on fire and stabbed repeatedly, specifically in the neck and face.

Not many people knew about this though.

No one really cared to ask how he died, where he was murdered or if there was anyone in custody for the murder, but why would they? This was the same guy they saw burning rats alive and robbing drugged out brides. Why would they give a damn about Bruce? Bruce himself never gave a damn about anyone and no one will ever give a damn about Bruce.
This is the reason why Bruce Waxxen was killed.

Bruce was killed by someone who knew how cruel Bruce was. A person who saw past the wicked craziness and knew that Bruce was alone, knew that no one gave a damn about Bruce Waxxan and knew that if he were to be murdered, Bruce’s death would be one of the many unsolved crimes filed away in some cabinet never to be opened again.

This made it easier for Bruce’s murderer. This made it simple. He knew that no one cared about Bruce and because of this it he felt okay, even when he was jamming his knife deep into Bruce’s cheek and neck.

And when he stood back and threw the lit match on Bruce’s bloody and gas soaked corpse, he looked at the city and yelled to no one and everyone, “I didn’t care because you didn’t give a damn!”

Two month’s after Bruce’s death, people started complaining about the increase of rats in one of Bruce’s old hangouts but no one seemed too concerned and the rats, the rats were no longer afraid.