Folk Festival blog entry 6: Sunday, July 11, 2010

The dream is almost over for Folk Festers.

The dream is over for the Netherlands. The World Cup final was broadcast on the main stage monitors much to the joy of sports fans and much to the chagrin of hard core Folk Festers. A couple hundred people gathered on the tarps to watch the game, and what a game it was! Who says Folkies can’t be sports fans?

Gord Downie (of Tragically Hip fame) and his band the Country of Miracles started the main stage action for the final night. Downie’s original music is eloquent and full of substance. He expresses himself in an honest, heart-felt way that continues to make his music deeply engaging — no matter who his band is.

Inspired by the hundreds of bikes parked at the festival’s main gate and the reusable plates being used by the food vendors, this truly does look like a “greener” Folk Festival. Especially when you consider that biking to the Festival will take an hour from anywhere and washing reusable plates takes much more effort than just throwing out disposable plates. This is a huge positive step.

And now, after five days of freedom and indulgence, it is time to return to reality. As the mass exodus back to the city begins, it will be a long year before we are reminded again just how small Winnipeg is and how many disproportionately beautiful people live in it.