Folk Festival blog entry 5: Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day four of the Folk Festival and I’m not sure how much more tie-dye I can handle. Though one notably fashion forward individual had the panache to combine a tie-dye shirt with camoflage pants. Bravo! I almost had a change of heart about the whole tie-dye thing . . . almost.

After what felt like an early evening of live background elevator music coming from the main stage, Cat Empire finally took the stage with some style and energy. With lyrics like “our weapons are our instruments,” this group got the crowd to their feet.

While at the opposite end of the grounds at around the same time, word on the paths is that Delhi 2 Dublin seriously shook the Blue Stem stage.

Arrested Development ended the night and after getting hooked on their song “People Everyday” many years ago, I was curious to see if they still had the same chemistry . . . and they certainly do. I lost my flip flops during their set — and I’m not even complaining.