Feel younger without technology

In reality, there are many things we can do to feel younger, or at least to feel close to our real ages. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), there are three activities that can contribute greatly to a person’s sense of health and feelings of wellness. These involve flexibility, endurance and strength training.

Flexibility activities are those that allow you to gently stretch your muscles. By making a habit of stretching, you are basically helping yourself move with more ease. PHAC suggests increasing and maintaining flexibility with activities such as yoga, curling, golf, dance and tai chi.

Endurance activities are those that make your cardiovascular system work harder. Often, people participating in endurance activities will break a sweat. PHAC recommends doing cardio activities like biking, swimming, walking and tennis anywhere between four to seven days a week.

Strength activities involve working muscle groups using various forms of resistance. One of the most common ways to do this is by weight training at a gym using machines and free-weights. However, PHAC also notes that strength activities can also involve every day acts like climbing stairs and doing yard work.

By incorporating these three elements into our daily lives, we can hopefully reduce negative discrepancies between our physical ages and our actual ages.