Top 10 worst things about Halloween

  1. Expensive dentist bill: Watch out for a bunch of cavities during your next cleaning.
  2. Frozen toes: Since we live in Winnipeg, it is almost guaranteed that it will snow at least once before Halloween comes around. We have already had multiple snows this year so I promise you that trick-or-treating will get chilly.
  3. The “day after” look: Stubborn hair dye and make-up that just won’t come off — not a good look!
  4. Workout time: By increasing your junk food consumption, you may have to hit the gym a little harder next month.
  5. Costume-hunting stress: So much pressure! You have to top your costume from last year — the one that everyone is still talking about.
  6. The hangover: It’s not winter vacation quite yet. Being too hung over to study for your mid-term is never the best idea
  7. “Bad houses”: You know the ones! When trick-or-treating, these are the families that are either “not home,” grouchy or give out toothbrushes and apples.
  8. Gate night: Raw (and now frozen) eggs splattered on house windows and smashed pumpkins are not fun to clean up.
  9. Getting scared: While being frightened is fun to some people, others (like myself) may not always find this an enjoyable experience.
  10. Stolen candy: Siblings and parents are infamous for this crime. I suggest labels and a running tally of how many candies you have left.