Hello Doughboys
Where is your war today?
Vietnam’s nitroglycerin jungles weren’t enough,
Now that the jungles are stained red
The sand has to be painted
With new swords unspoiled
That are built to destroy the plow
To not be beaten
And tear holes in earth,
Rip men from their sanity

Dear Doughboys,
Where is your war today?
It’s in the desert.
Splatter the streets
With blood and dust
From tracks that crush the

Woe for the Doughboys
You kill the innocent for a fossil fuel
You burn the village for a white mans hate

Where are you Doughboys?
Are your minds lost in the weaving screens,
With colored patterns telling you what to believe?
Are your hearts colored with hate
From the syringes of those who lie?

You Christian soldiers
Who kill with weapons fashioned with
No mercy in mind
When you kneel at the foot of the cross
Jesus does not smile down on you
He cries for the souls you will send away
He cries for your delusion and hate

Do you see them as your enemy?
Do you see them as a human?
Do you see them at all?