Grace Paizen

Is it time for term limits?

As the civic election heats up with the finalization of official candidates this past Tuesday, all levels of electoral races remain wanting. When Winnipeggers go…

U of M would fail service inspection

With a surplus of $94 million in the 2020-21 fiscal year the university — regardless of the fact that the University of Manitoba Graduate Students’ Association (UMGSA) advocated that graduate student fees should not go up, particularly during the ongoing pandemic — upped graduate student summer fees by at least 464%.

Runnin’ down her dream

In her debut collection of poetry, Indigenous-American author and former University of Manitoba student Michelle Lietz creatively intertwines these two artistic worlds. Occasionally Petty — debuting April 21 and published by the independent, Winnipeg-based At Bay Press — is a selection of poems set to the songs of late singer-songwriter Tom Petty.

The wait was worth it for North Graffiti

As winter is finally melting into spring and our familiar feathery friends return, live music is also slowly returning to music venues across the city. Not only has it been a long winter, it has been a long two years for local Winnipeg band North Graffiti. To celebrate this return of somewhat normalcy, the band is set to release its album Modern Relics at the Park Theatre on April 9 with opening acts the 12/21 and Mobina Galore.

North Graffiti, ‘Modern Relics’ — 4.5/5 stars

Self-described as adding “modern flare to a vintage aesthetic,” North Graffiti’s album Modern Relics successfully reflects its musical tagline. Just like the album’s cover, the “punk & roll” local group pulls together the fragments of vintage punk and rock past with present instrumentals.

From the planetarium to the moon

As the pandemic enters the liminal space of being over politically yet scientifically very much ongoing, the Manitoba Museum continues its free and accessible online programming. The Planetarium’s online DOME@HOME program will be continuing its weekly series into the foreseeable future, even with the possibility of a return to in-person events.

NFB receives 76th Oscar nomination

As a national institution pushing toward its 90th anniversary, it may not come as a surprise to some that the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) has officially picked up its 76th Academy Award nomination, considering the Board’s remarkable tenure. The recipient of the NFB’s Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film is Affairs of the Art, a short created by United Kingdom filmmakers Joanna Quinn and Les Mills with their production company Beryl Productions International and co-produced by the NFB’s own Michael Fukushima.

An artistic history of the natural world

As the climate crisis escalates, it is important to remember the interconnectedness of nature and humanity. Adaptation has never been more imperative if we wish to continue to call Earth home and preserve the beautiful natural world. Montreal-based interdisciplinary artist Frances Adair Mckenzie’s latest project, The Orchid and the Bee, is an artistic reminder of this connection.